019 "Carnival"

Carnival Full Image

24" x 48" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The rings of red, yellow, and blue are circles of knowledge that will be used in the coming age and then discarded. The primary colors of red, yellow and blue are the colors from which all other colors are produced. Consequently, they represent all the potential combinations of reality manifesting in the coming times. No two rings intersect because they are newly created and have not had time to interact. The rings symbolize the many ideas of the coming age before they evolve into a total statement.

The split in the earth from which the rings are rising represents the tearing away of the present age. The far side of the chasm represents the coming age on earth while the near side is the present age. The chasm is lit on the right and it is from this light, or knowledge, that the rings materialize.

The shade of green in the foreground is Spring; the background, Summer. This is an earth clock, showing that between Spring and Summer, these changes manifest. It marks time in this dimension. The orange represents Fall and the gray Winter. All four seasons are illustrated from the foreground to the background of the work. The rings symbolize a complete circle as the four seasons represent a full cycle.

Winter is not structured like the other seasons. All things will return to a simpler state in the Winter. The pile of gray rubble is the debris of the approaching Winter. It is also the debris of the Winter of the present age. As the earth turns, we move through the seasons. All things cycle and so the gray of the background is also the gray of the foreground that is not shown in the work.

In front of the Spring green, off the edge of the work, is the Winter gray. This gray is a combination of the depleted past, but also forms the building blocks of all that is to be.

The black shadows of the trees are a pattern for the manifestation off the five abstract trees. Black is an infinite color that, like white, contains all things. The shadows contain the infinite possible manifestations of the trees, however we see only one appearance in this work.

The trunks of the trees are brown, the color of the earth. These five trunks, or pillars, are at the center of this work, meaning that the earth is the center of this reality. The trunks represent the earth in the dimension where we perceive and function. They define the location of this work in the infinite universe.

The trees are flat and are made up of two dimensions; width and height. It is up to the viewer to provide the depth, which is limited only by one's own definition. In this plane of reality, each viewer is allowed to define the depth of his or her existence and understanding.

There are five trees. Five is the number of man. Therefore, we know not only that this place is man's domain, but also that the painting communicates how man relates to his earth. This work is about the changing ages on earth and how man will perceive and relate to these changes and build upon them.

The trees are green surrounded by orange. The green of new thought will bloom as orange, which represents metaphysical thought. The coming age will be an age of metaphysical orientation as man seeks direct communication with his higher self and all that exists in the universe.

The black areas in the trees are symbolic birds. The birds in the blue sky seem to be drawn to the trees. It appears that they are coming to roost. As the trees' shadows contain the blueprint of the trees, so are the black symbolic birds a blueprint for the expansion of thought in the trees. These birds will expand the depth of the trees. The birds represent the viewers who are observing the work.

The sky is blue, indicating that the earth is unchanged. Blue skies continue to exist. It is the earth beneath the sky that is radically changed. The changes below are abstract representations of changes in thought patterns rather than physical changes in the earth.

The sky is filled with many detectable vibrations that can be seen in the swirling effect created by the lines of color that traverse the sky. Each bird creates a disruption in the ether vibration.

The sun that dominates the sky is green. This symbolizes that the coming age will be an age of growth. The present age laid the foundation for research into the All That Is. The dark green sun shines on the new earth, which will forever be Spring. A dark green orb will permeate the earth with vibrations of new awakenings.

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved