020 "Oh Lord, My God"

Oh Lord, My God Full Image

28" x 22" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The painting is of a man whose arms and eyes are focused upward. He sits in a protective rope circle of red, yellow, and blue. The rope represents all the visible colors on the earthly plane of which he is a part.

The ground upon which he sits is green, representing the earth. The rope of protection allows him solitude and prevents all interference with the earthly dimension.

The blue water represents the life-giving force of the earth and also symbolizes the higher consciousness of the non-physical plane. The waves in the water represent the different vibrations of the spiritual plane.

Other than his head and arms, the figure's body resides completely within the earthly plane. His arms are reaching up into the heavens as his consciousness reaches toward his higher self. His arms are attached to his body, pass through the waters, and extend up into the spiritual realm.

His hair is black, white, and gray, symbolizing the extremes of all things in heaven and on earth. His head rests upon the earth and is held fast to the earth by his hair.

His head resides in the area where the water meets the land. The water is of both heaven and earth. Above the water are two pyramids, one black and one white, representing all the knowledge of positive and negative energy. The knowledge of each side of the energy is housed separately in respective temples of knowledge in the shape of a pyramid.

The pyramids seem to rest on the earth on the other side of the water. This is an illusion because the pyramids actually reside above the water in the area that is totally in the realm of the non-physical.

The black pyramid is on the left and the white pyramid is on the right. This shows that the earthly consciousness of this being exists under the light and knowledge of the positive vibration of the white pyramid. He seeks positive energy from the pyramids.

Above the pyramids are a moon and a sun, the respective rulers of night and day.

This being's consciousness is contained in the yellow sun and can disburse itself among the pink, but at this moment is concentrated in a yellow sphere.

The crescent moon represents a partial understanding of the light and of the existence of infinite unknown things. This figure has reached a level of understanding equivalent to the area of the crescent moon compared to the whole moon.

The being is focused upon his spiritual energy, which resides in his hands. Spiritual energy can be manifested on earth through these hands.

The being resembles a female, but the lack of breasts makes him appear male. The heavy beard and coarse hair define this person as male, but his body shape represents the female side of his character.

The lower legs are disproportionate to a standard human body, but this shows the balance of the character. He is quite stable on the earthly plane. Were the lower legs shortened, he would be off-balance in this position and in danger of falling backwards. This being is not in any way moving backwards. The extended legs balance the weight of his hair and keep him from losing ground in his quest for the expansion of his consciousness.

His lower body is in a sitting position while his upper body is suspended, giving additional emphasis to his desire to flow into the spiritual realm.

The lower parts of the body support his brain. The essential part of the body, the head, is floating in spaces not of the earthly dimensions.

The red paint on his cheek designates him as a member of a particular tribe of earth dwellers. He belongs with those who, like him, can travel in both worlds under the positive vibrations of the white pyramid.

The title of the picture states his understanding that his total being is nothing when compared to the All There Is. He acknowledges his nothingness and reaches into the heavens for help, guidance, understanding, and peace that seldom exist on the earth plane.

Dr John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved