021 "Cleopex"

Cleopex Full Image

4" x 8" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

Cleopex is a yellow-green dragon that traverses the infinite universe, which exists between the potential manifestation of what can be and the recorded knowledge of what has been.

The black void is not limited to the universe as we know it. Our universe is indigo in color and this void is black. Black is the vessel of All That Is, Was and Will Be, in all dimensions.

The green spheres indicate man's intrusion into the void. They are green because this is a new intrusion. The spheres are seeds that will germinate in the void. The green spheres form a horizontal pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sided and five-pointed geometric figure. Five is the number of man. Geometry is the way man measures space. The green orbs also symbolize a dragon constellation in the night sky.

Within the black void, man has placed his markers. He has begun to map the void. Man builds on his knowledge brick by brick. The mapped portion of the void is infinitesimal compared to the totality of the infinite all. Man is moving into a new age, a new realm of thought and potential understanding of the void that produced him. Man has begun to map out the Age of Aquarius.

The water is the boundary between the black void and all the knowledge of man. This knowledge is recorded in the universe, even though most of the tangible record of this knowledge has been lost on the physical plane. This knowledge is permanently stored on the non-physical plane and, consequently, in man's subconscious.

Each gray line represents a sort of a computer disk in which knowledge is stored. This data bank extends infinitely to the left and right. It also infinitely extends below Cleopex and out of view. It appears finite, however, on the edge of the water.

Because the universe is curved, the gray data banks eventually meet to form a ring. What to the physical three-dimensional mind may appear straight is in fact curved. The gray data extends downward from our viewpoint and eventually circumscribes the void. It connects at the water’s edge, where we perceive the edge of the black void’s finite frontier.

In truth, we are contained in an infinite sphere, which will forever expand and invade the void.

Cleopex is one of the many creatures of this sphere. She is the embodiment of the all-knowing keeper of records. Cleopex is green because she represents growth. Her left foot rests on the "riddle cube" of this infinite dimension in which we momentarily exist. The cube contains the answers to the riddles of the area between the known and the black void. This is the blue area.

The blue dividing line between man's knowledge and the black void appears to be water and represents the Age of Aquarius. The blue is an area of flux in which the black void is broken down, understood, and recorded. The blue represents the vibrations of the known universe prying into the black void, where the unknown becomes the known. The blue vibration also symbolizes man, in that man is 98% water. The water in man is ever changing.

The cube on which Cleopex stands contains the secrets to the process of converting the unknown black void into the known. Regarding the acquisition of knowledge of the universe, the cube is all knowing. Cleopex knows that the cube is related to the blue vibration outside the sphere of knowledge and she knows that it has always been with her, yet she does not understand it. As humans, we possess internal organs that we do not understand, but we know they relate to our existence on this earthly plane.

Cleopex has two sets of red, yellow and blue ribbons extending from her crown. These are the primary colors, which are the components of all colors that are discernable by the human eye. These ribbons represent all the knowledge of this earthly plane. As the cube relates to the totality of the universe, the ribbons relate to total knowledge on the earthly plane.

Cleopex is part of the earth, part of the known All There Is, and part of the black void. She is also a part of the intrusion into the black void.

We can only see the left side of Cleopex. We do not see her right arm or leg because they extend into the void. They are black and indistinguishable against the black void. The right half of Cleopex is perfectly integrated into the All There Is. She has an unconscious knowledge of the infinite all.

The blue vibration seems to flow through Cleopex. In other words, if her left side is inside the gray area of knowledge and her right side is in the black void, the middle part of her body is integrated into the blue vibration. It is her body that represents the manifestation of the unknown black void changing into the known.

Cleopex is a symbol for man. Man exists because of change, exploration, and discovery of the unknown.

Cleopex has a forked tongue that represents the physical senses of man on earth. The tongue connects Cleopex to the physical sensations of this reality. It also symbolizes man's dual physical and spiritual nature.

Cleopex' eyes are red, which reveals that the life force inside of her is red. Man’s life force is blood and is also red. A red sphere that is shrouded by the tail represents the life force of man. The tail curls around the life force to protect it.

The life force of man in the physical realm is red blood. The life force is also red when placed into the void. In other words, man's spiritual force is also red. Man's true essence is a part of the All There Is. It is his spirit that is eternal and his physical being that is transient.

The spiritual life force must be protected, lest true death occur. The death of the body is only the end of an earthly cycle. The death of the spirit is permanent oblivion in this universe.

Within the gray data banks are blobs of red, yellow, and blue. These represent the attempts of emotion to influence logic and intellect. These blobs indicate that emotion and logic exist side by side, yet the two are immutable in a symbiotic relationship.

These blobs also represent man’s knowledge of the universe. The blobs cover only a small part of the gray data bank and move throughout time. In this way, the blobs represent man's refreshed memory of the gray data. Only the areas covered by the blobs are in man's consciousness at any point in time. These are the areas that are influencing his behavior. For man, all of history exists, but the portion that is actually recorded is very small. With the death of our ancestors, the knowledge of the known past is buried.

The black areas among the gray data represent insight into the black void. At any point in time, an individual is able to see into the void. It does no good to see the future, however, because often times it is irrelevant to the present. Some person is always destined to see the future perfectly. Only the future itself proves who was the true visionary. The black areas indicate that somewhere in this reality exists the answer to all questions. The infinite amount of data and the lack of an index are impediments to finding truth.

The fish represents many things. It is food. It is death and beauty. It is the symbol of the Age of Pisces, which is now almost at an end. It is orange and therefore clairvoyant. It is a prophet because the black eyes see and understand the void. At some point in each age, a prophet emerges. This prophet seems to be all knowing and all seeing.

It is man’s way to kill the prophet as the dragon has killed the fish. What is too beautiful must be destroyed. Total knowledge is a threat to contemporary reality and a danger to the possessor. Yet the prophets of the past, in one way or another, must always yield to those of the future.

Has the dragon found a dead prophet or has she killed him? The answer is both. She has killed him and only then discovered the truth in him.

The fish is orange, which, like the green of the dragon, is a secondary color. The dragon and fish can easily see each other in the gray universe. The function of the dragon is limitless. The function of the fish is limited. The fish has a specialized purpose; the dragon, a total all-encompassing purpose. The death, understanding and revelation of the unique fish are the mandate of the dragon. The fish must be examined and sometimes it must die in order to allow examination.

The dragon feeds on the body of the fish. It is the way of this universe.

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved