023 "Rose Nebula"

Rose Nebula Full Image

48" x 96" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective.

This work has a deceptive appearance of monotony in the repetition of the spheres. This is the monotony of the Universe when viewed toward the center from the outer edges.

The farther we shift our viewpoint from homogenous objects, the more homogenous they seem. Stars in the heavens appear very similar to the naked eye with variations only in magnitude or brightness. However, when we observe these lights closely, we find that they are very unique.

The spheres form the walls of a universe-sized tunnel for the passing rose. These spheres create a view of the universe that is very similar to a highly magnified, computer-generated photograph of deep space.

Like all things that exist in large quantities, there is a perceived homogeneity. However, we can group certain members as being more alike than certain other members.

In this tunnel we see about sixteen different basic colors, each with a subclass made up of lighter shades of the base color. We can also group the colors by value (dark or light).

If we group the spheres by their base color, we see rings in the tunnel that begin with red at the bottom and slowly modulate to blue at the top.

If we group the colors by value without regard to the base color, we have an even spread of each value over the entire work.

We can also group the spheres by size, with the larger ones at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. Like the base colors, they form banks or rings within the tunnel.

There are also several groups of white spheres, which traverse the entire field of vision.

By grouping these spheres differently, one individual sphere can be categorized as a member of several different groups: base color, value, or size. Consequently, each sphere simultaneously is a part of several groupings or dimensions.

As with all things in the universe, these spheres are simultaneously a part of many groups and dimensions. Similarly, as individuals we are members of the male or female, human, organic, earthbound, Milky Way, incarnate spirit, conscious groups.

The tunnel of spheres is composed of circular symbols of stars, sand, trees, birds, humans, etc. These spheres symbolize all the infinitely perceived homogenous energies that abound in the universe. They all share the ability to simultaneously exist on many planes and in infinite dimensions.

We can also see white clover leaf or flower petal bodies of the same size spread over the entire surface of the work. They are like a fine veil, which exists between the viewer and the rose.

This veil of white petals insulates the rose and its path to the light from the viewer who is not a part of the procession or the path. The viewer is allowed to see but not allowed to touch the energy, which he or she observes as the rose passes.

The black spheres, unlike the background spheres, are complete and whole. They do not touch one another. We cannot determine, due to their blackness, whether they are unique in size or whether they are all the same size, because some are near and some are far from us.

By considering the white veil and the black spheres, as well as the tunnel, the viewer can, with concentration, move into the dimensions of this work and float at any point he or she desires. That which appears flat becomes infinite in all directions.

The black spheres are whole. This places them apart from the teaming mass of spheres, which presently overlap one other. We are drawn to contemplate why these black spheres are separate. We do not know their true color. We only know that they are free from the entanglement of the masses. They have a knowledge or understanding of things that is not a part of the mass understanding. How they became different is for the viewer to contemplate.

No two black spheres touch, nor do they proceed in rank and file. Each one is separate from its peers. They have each traveled to many places, times, and dimensions. They have temporarily returned for this moment in the Infinite all. They are each masters who were once a part of the tunnel and who have advanced to an understanding beyond the masses, perhaps by discipline or commitment. They have returned to walk with their teacher, who presently projects himself as a rose.

Their teacher, the rose, has called them to himself to impart to them for the last time in this dimension what he has come to know since their last gathering. He has asked them to walk to the door with him so that he may give them his love and blessings and to assure them that they will meet again.

The rose is a projection of an energy that appears to be leaving the dimension of the tunnel. The masters who are most akin to his being escort him, yet all those who have come to observe the passing view the rose.

Among those who make up the wall of the tunnel, a few will, in time, come to travel the teacher's path. They have come to witness the event. Most come to view but not necessarily to see.

We can gather that those closest to the light are the most advanced. Those closest to the door are allowed to view the teacher as he passes the door. Only those among the masses who have advanced the farthest are allowed near the door.

A teacher passes. Many have gone before. Many will follow.There is no death here.

There is only a passing. There is introspection but not sadness. There is a consideration of the past. The teacher restores much to the memories of many.

The teacher floats toward the door. The passing through the door will transform the teacher into a student. He will experience yet another dimension.

We contemplate the rose and we meditate upon what it represents. It is a culmination of high achievement and great understanding of many things in this time and place.

We contemplate the rose and we consider our place in this dimension as we view the transient image before us.

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved