024 "Long Ago, Far Away, Tomorrow Comes"

Long Ago, Far Away, Tomorrow Comes Full Image

48" x 48" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace



A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The red to orange spheres are symbolic lava. It is a view with an erupting volcano to the viewer's rear. The red, hot lava flows across the plane and disappears between the charcoal mountains.

I personally identify myself with the white bird above the small white sphere. I feel myself hurrying about the landscape trying to gain control after the eruption.

The eruption that was fore told, has come. Whether it extends around the entire globe or just to my city is unknown at this time. I only know that beneath the lava lay all that I had known in this lifetime. Everything is now gone. I no longer have a tangible past.

The obelisk marks the location of truths learned in this place. These truths are symbolized by nine white spheres. The spheres are moving toward the charcoal mountains with the entire plateau of earth on which they rest.

The Nine truths represented as nine white spheres are beyond the power and reach of the molten rock. I have placed them near the obelisk in order to keep my perspective on what is taking place.

The fist sphere reminds me that all is as it should be.

The second sphere contains the record of all that I have been and all the worlds of which I have been a part.

The third sphere contains all that I will be and all that is to come.

The second and third spheres give me a perspective on how small a part of the Infinite All this moment and this reality truly are.

The fourth sphere is my reminder of God. It is a collection of the many ways in which I have perceived and communicated with God. It is a link between my true being and the non-physical part of the Infinite which connects me with all things known and unknown.

The fifth sphere is my temple. It is where I can go to be at one with myself. It is the place where I can be isolated from all that exists with the exception of my spiritual nature which I can identify as totally me.

An icon of this fifth sphere travels with me always. It is the small white Sphere traveling with the white bird that is me.

The sixth sphere is my space craft. It allows me to travel the entire physical universe. It has the maps and charts for all that has substance in the universe and all those universes outside this one.

The seventh sphere contains the knowledge of all things. It is the knowledge of all races of all times. It is a record of every act and every reaction and all things known and forgotten, lost or destroyed. It is the knowledge of all dimensions and all times in the Infinite Potential (the All There Is).

The eighth sphere is empty. It is the void of nothingness. It is a reminder that all is nothing. It is the understanding that All That Is has come from nothing. The building blocks of the All There Is is nothingness.

Nothing is the perfect equilibrium between all things. It is the absence of light without darkness. It is the absence of sound without silence.

This perfect equilibrium of all things is the possibility of all things. We live and exist and are conscious of nothingness in a state of disequilibrium. The disequilibrium of light and dark is light or dark.

Inside this sphere is the one supreme mystery of the universe. The mystery of what creates disequalibriums. What causes perfect nothingness to manifest the physical reality.

This cause is what many call God.

The ninth sphere represents what is beyond the Supreme God. This sphere represents everything that is beyond everything that we can possibly know or come to know. It represents everything beyond all we can conceive; that which is beyond all knowing; that which is beyond nothingness.

The gray mountains are the smoldering coals of man-made cities. The erupting earth has incinerated these man-made wonders.

The red outline indicates that the remains are smoldering. The monuments of man have been reduced to smoldering coals, which will soon be ashes.

The obelisk of pure slate survives the eruption. There is no inscription. The message is simple. "All will be reduced to nothing as it has been in the past."

The obelisk was cut from solid stone after another great purging and now returns to remind us that all that we are witnessing has happened before. How many purges ago was this marker carved, no one knows. What is known is that the time has come for it to return as a reminder.

The five white birds are temporary survivors of the great change. They prepare for a journey to the cocoon from which they came. They traverse the sky gathering their thoughts and reorienting like pigeons preparing to journey home.

The full moon hangs in the blue sky. It is the nearest planet in the physical universe. It is a constant; suspended above the changing earth. The heavens are unaffected. Only the earth is purged.

The black bird in the blue heavens symbolizes death on earth. The shadow of death has consumed all that lived in this place.

The small black spheres are the ashes of all that once existed on the earth as well as the ashes of the earth itself which have been propelled into the atmosphere.

It is a black rain of fire upon the earth. It will become the gray ash blanket which will cover the once blue marble.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the past is buried once again.

Far out in the universe, all is well. The grid of planets and stars remains immune from this burning speck of dust in the Cosmos.

I will soon depart for a new world which I will come to call home.

A band of gypsies move on forever. No place is home, save temporarily. The day blue sky colors the transient universe. I move on.

At some time in the past or future I may return to this grain of sand. I may pass it by if it is still a gray desert or stay if is has again become green.


The convulsing earth 
explodes from within
and buries all
that has been

The charcoal
mountains arise
from the sacred

As red hot lava
flows to the
endless sea

A tiny convulsion 
in the universe
the best
we had

Our collective minds 
will not admit
the truth

That our perfect 
beings could be
wiped away
as easily
we set fire
to an ant hill

Our conscious minds
do not admit 
a random 

We have our God
to save us

And so he will
but not 
our bodies and not
our Mother Earth

They are expendable

We put our conscious minds 
to sleep and rest our 
spirits in organic

But one day
we shall perish
if not all at once

Then certainly 
one by one

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved