025 "The Watcher"

The Watcher Full Image

48" x 60" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The yellow orb is symbolic of the sun that seems, for our brief incarnations, as an ever orbiting phenomenon. It's essence is of gold which never deteriorates. The circle is neverending.

In this work, the sun again rises. It breaks through an indefinite horizon. It represents a rebirth or retelling of the same truths. The sun is bigger than our earth but smaller than our universe.

It is an old worker who comes each day, each year, forever and ever, never tiring with the monotony of it all. It will come until it comes no more. Then it will come again.

The sun is a nuclear generator traveling its endless path.

We are reminded that all we see, we have seen before. All we hear, we have heard before. All we come to know, we have known before.

There is nothing new. There is only remembering.

The green background is like broken glass that has shattered but has yet to fall apart. The golden orb has broken the placenta of the old as it has emerged from the embryonic sack.

What was once whole is now infinitely broken. The foundation of an age has been raped and is less than an instant from oblivion.

We wait in anticipation to see the new heaven and the new earth. What will the mirror of the future be? How long ago was it when we last saw what we are to very soon see again?

I watch in anticipation of the future age while simultaneously viewing the last moments of the old.

The black door represents the entrance into the non-physical world that permeates our physical reality; the homogeneous abyss of the unknown - the container of all that we think we want to know.

The white mountain represents the growing light within this finite theatre. In area, it is about the size of the black abyss.

The darkness is infinite in all directions and yet the light is infinite only below. The light has an infinite foundation and a finite apex. The darkness has no limit. No top or bottom.

The darkness is our ignorance as well as the infinite reservoir of knowledge of all things. The light is our conscious knowledge.

The bird of paradise is black and white, dark and light. Presently, it rests on the mountain of light. It seems to contemplate a journey into the dark.

It is equally at home in both realities. It is the creation of both. It is the fiction of a link between all extremes of all dimensions.

The bird of paradise now rests at the apex of the light. The winds of the black darkness ruffle its feathers and draw its being.

The bird of paradise is like a pendulum that swings left, swings right. It represents another monotonous marker of time, the golden orb being the first.

From time immemorial the Bird of Paradise comes and goes from dark to light and light to dark. Many ages and infinite golden orbs have come and gone. The bird of paradise is immortal, universal and from everlasting to everlasting.

The lower part of the work is symbolic of water from which we all emerge into this reality. It represents the building block of life on earth.

The fish represent the many beliefs of man on earth. Each has come and gone in its own time and place. The many small suns symbolize the numerous souls who have captured part of the infinite golden orb and returned to earth to light our way for a time.

The water is a wall. It is the forever building and eroding of doctrine, dogmas and speculation. Each in its time rests at the top of the wall. In time each crumbles under the many layers above.

Each generation has its prophet. None are truly immortal even though they carry the same immortal truths. That which we are prepared to give our lives to today will one day soon become unknown.

Many and much more comes and goes. We live by the sun during the day and the moon at night. Our great civilizations come and go like so many ant hills.

Even as we are born, we begin to die. Even as we build, the sands of time erode.

The butterflies are the new spirits that have begun to manifest as the coming age is birthed. These are the first ten that represent the ten thousand to come.

They have emerged form their invisible cocoons. They have been born from nothing. They now enter this reality as the bird of paradise soon returns to the darkness.

The red represents the incarnating spirit of man. It pierces the darkness to show us that on the other side of the infinite void we shall find ourselves.

The physical manifestation of man forever exists on the other side of infinite darkness. Inside of all ignorance the primortial energy of man resides.

Within the dark inner sanctum of all seeds exists the spirit of that which it will become. Inside the void, our energy resides from everlasting to everlasting.

The energy of man cuts through the void as well as the light. The spirit of man will continue to manifest forever. Many other energies and life forms will manifest as well. But the energy that produced man in the preceding eons will continue to produce man in the infinite future times.

The wall of symbolic water is a simplification of the infinite forces that are the foundation of our eternal beings. From far outside the universe, this painting presents a perspective on infinity and its never ending cycles of manifestations.


The infinite magnitude
of the universe
overwhelms me

As my tiny 
spark of existence
comes and goes
in less than an

I am
but a grain of

On a planet
that is less
than a grain
of sand

In a universe
to which I have
nothing to compare

The miracle 
of my tiny spark
fills me with

In that I am
allowed for a 
spilt second 
to even

Conceive of that
of that which
I am 
a part

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved