040 "Clan of the Red Moon"

Clan of the Red Moon Full Image

36" x 48" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The figure represents an ancient being if you consider his white hair, yet a young man if you regard his body. He has the strength and stamina of youth combined with the wisdom of age. He knows the old rituals and the underlying myths and still has the strength to perform them.

The scene is a sterile one. Everything is made up of very simple shapes and has a clean sharp form. The old one's shoes are white and perfectly clean. From this we know that this is a vision of our mind and the realm of the spirit, not of the physical world.

The old one is set against a purple sky, indicating a high spiritual consciousness dominated by a white light; visible but not distinct. This is the high plain of existence where form is not concrete and reality has lost most of its form but not its color.

The old one is performing the ancient ritual of taking the first red moon of the harvest season. He takes it not only as an elder of the clan, but also as a unique spirit. All of the clan will take the fruit as he has done.

On the physical and the spiritual plane, the red fruit is the focus of the clan's reality. The orb contains what they need for understanding and maintenance of their vibration in this place. It is the focus of the clan. It is the core of their reality.

The old one wears an amulet on his right arm symbolizing not only his membership in the clan, but also his status in it. The red ring is the metaphor of the red moon.

Each life is impacted by many metaphors. This scene simply isolates one of those metaphors and presents it in a sterile universe where nothing exists that does not somehow relate to the red moon.

John WorldPeace

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