041 "The Incomplete Heart"

The Incomplete Heart Full Image

36" x 48" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The green bird hovers above the incomplete heart. Being green, he symbolizes growth. His incomplete heart is floating above a background of the hearts of those who love him, which represents a field of love. Even though he is surrounded by all this love, his heart is incomplete. He cannot accept the love that exists for him.

The bird’s path is through the veil of tears. The sweet love of the rose rains down tears of deep joy. This is the pain associated with accepting love. He must fly through these tears as a baptism by water. Through that baptism, he must acknowledge that the tears are his own. His path is through his pain.

His destiny is the black void of the unknown situated in the middle of the blue rose silhouettes. The orange is his psyche that calls him to enter the void and become complete. When he enters, to his amazement he finds life where he thought he would find death, joy where he anticipated pain, and love where he expected isolation.

John WorldPeace

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved