053 "Eternal Feud"

Eternal Feud Full Image

48" x 72" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's perspective

At the center of the painting is a triangle with a circle in the middle. The triangle is divided into three equal parts, which are colored green, purple and orange (secondary colors). The purple represents Christianity, the green, Islam and the orange, Judaism. The triangle is a symbol for God.

The center circle indicates the Infinite Potential, or the all-encompassing, indefinable totality of God. The three separate parts of the triangle signify the anthropomorphic aspects of the eternal God that each of the religions of the West identifies with and worships.

The men at the lower part of the painting each have green shields, which identify them as Muslims. In the middle of the painting, the men with orange shields are the Jews and the men with purple shields are the Christians. There are only four orange shields because there are only about twenty million Jews compared to two billion Christians and one billion Muslims.

The religious soldiers are marching on the coffins of the dead Christians, Jews and Muslims who have been killed in holy wars for the last two thousand years. The red surrounding both the coffins and the triangle is the blood of the many religionists who have been killed in holy wars.

In the center of the painting, surrounding the triangle, are human eggs and human sperm. These eggs and sperm illustrate the multitude of unborn children of the religionists who will be born and will potentially die in the blood of the holy war.

Surrounding the circle of soldiers of the three Gods is a black circle, representing oil. It is the oil in the Middle East that continues to fuel the holy war that exists there. The black oil rises and surrounds the buildings in the city at the upper left of the painting. This exemplifies Western Civilization's dependence upon oil in the past, present, and future.

In the upper right hand corner is the symbol of WorldPeace. It is a red hand, which represents mankind and a green and blue yin-yang symbol, which represents the ever-changing earth.

To the left of the WorldPeace symbol are five figures, which represent the races of man who oppose WorldPeace; red, yellow, black, white and brown. The men have no shields because they do not need to defend themselves from WorldPeace. Their singular goal is to keep WorldPeace isolated, thereby keeping it from infecting all of humanity.

John WorldPeace

14 WAR (from The Book of Peace by John WorldPeace at http://www.johnworldpeace.com)

War is, in reality, one human being murdering another human being.

War is generally defined as armed conflict between nations, but it is
individual human beings who do the actual murdering and the dying.

War is one man murdering one woman, one woman murdering one man,
one man murdering one man, one woman murdering one woman, one
child murdering one adult, one adult murdering one child. War is one
human being murdering another human being.

Whatever the stated causes of war, the truth is that it is nothing more
than the sacrifice of our children. It is our children who we allow to be
murdered in war and their families must then live with an inconsolable
sorrow. How can this be acceptable to anyone?

War is the result of frustrations in a society that comes to believe that
there is no other solution to a particular social problem. No nation goes
to war with clean hands. No nation murders on the battlefield with

Powerful nations murder because they think they can get away with it.
They may impose their will on the survivors, but they simultaneously
sow the seeds of future wars. The thought that murder is a solution to
social disagreements is tragically laughable.

How can we delude ourselves into believing that if a person lives next
door to us, he has the same rights as we do, but if he lives in a foreign
land, his life has no value? Is human value, in truth, based upon the
physical location of one's home?

We are all God's children and we are each at one with each other. The
murder of anyone sends irrevocable and intolerable vibrations throughout
the world. The legacy of violence is always more violence and the legacy
of war is always more war.

We are at one with God and at one with each other and we can never
justify the murder of any human being. Words like justice or God's will
can never justify the great tragedy of humanity murdering itself.

As members of a World Society, we must embrace the great moral
condemnation of murder as the legacy of war. There is no victory in
war without murder and there can never be victory of any kind with

Inner peace comes in the knowing that when we all accept each and
every human being as our neighbor, not only will we refuse to murder
anyone, we will never have to concern ourselves that our life's blood, our
children, will be murdered by anyone else.

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