061 "The Queen of Peace"

The Queen of Peace Full Image

50" x 72" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

At the center of this painting is a female whose large hips and breasts represent the fertility of the earth. She is part of the biological life on this planet and is connected to the cranes, which represent peace. She is dancing the dance of peace. A symbiotic relationship emerges as she creates vibrations of peace on all levels of existence, which in turn nourish her.

We exist simultaneously in an infinite dynamic of realities. We exist in a reality composed of biology, spirituality and mind. We live within the dynamics of pure logic and pure abstraction. We live within the infinite lines and emotions of All That Is.

This painting is about peace and the crane as a symbol of peace. Some of the cranes represent the living cranes we see traversing our planet, others are mere silhouettes, and some are manmade origami representations of cranes. Different cranes manifesting on various levels of reality. As above, so below.

John WorldPeace
December 7, 2003

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