064 "World Peace (WorldPeace) Meditation Garden"

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50" x 72" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The central figure in this painting can be viewed as the Virgin Mary of Christianity or Kwan Yin of Buddhism or any number of their female counterparts of the major masculine oriented religions that presently dominate human society. This painting is about meditating on peace and World Peace.

The figure represents the Phoenix, which rises from its ashes to live again. The inner background of the painting is composed of black, white, and gray squares and rectangles. These are the ashes of the prior existence of this figure. The squares and rectangles illustrate the structure that this figure manifested in her previous reality. All of that is now gone. The colored squares and rectangles among the gray ones depict the significant accomplishments of this figure in her prior incarnations.

We do not know how long this being will live. It may be minutes or eons in the human definition of time. We do not know and we do not care because regardless of how long a being exists within this reality, disintegration always prevails. That which was becomes no more and then rises from its ashes in an endless cycle of birth and death.

The being is sitting in water because she has been reborn into the Age of Aquarius, which presently influences the planet Earth. She is holding a lotus, one of the world's most beautiful flowers, which grows from garbage dumps and swamps throughout the world. From the foul excrement of human society blooms a lotus. From death and decay comes resurrection and new life. From chaos comes peace and World Peace.

The figure’s earrings are blue swastikas. The Nazis in WWII appropriated the traditional religious swastika for political purposes. Prior to that, the swastika had been used as a religious symbol, dating back to the dawn of human history. The blue swastika represents a spinning cross, founded upon the present Age of water, or Aquarius. This is a spiritual painting, not a political statement and the swastikas are included within that context.

The butterflies show that all things within this figure's reality are also being born and dying. The life cycles of the butterflies are shorter than the being's but nonetheless, both are destined to disintegrate back into the Infinite Oneness in the future.

This is the nature of peace and World Peace in the physical universe. Peace and World Peace come from an acknowledgement that change is constant. All things that are born begin to die. What is created from the Infinite Potential disintegrates back into that Oneness.

The two snakes of orange and green symbolize the earth and fire, respectively. They feed upon themselves, which is another indication that there is, even within all things, a constant creation and disintegration. The snakes not only feed upon themselves, but they also interact with each other. The earth is creating and the snake is destroying by fire what the earth has manifested. The snakes also represent the DNA that defines life on earth.

The small mandalas depict universes, both physical and intangible, which have been created by the being. She has just been reborn and therefore her universe is not yet crowded with her creations. Each mandala can be perceived as a galaxy or an entire universe. Regardless, all are part of the creation manifested by the being. Within her creation, there is peace and World Peace because she is the One from which all things manifest and into which all things disintegrate.

There is a void surrounding the snakes that encloses the being and limits it. Behind the being is another dimension of which she is also a part. We are all a part of infinite dimensions. Our lives are not limited by what we see and feel in this reality. Our existence includes the intangible, infinite dimensions as well.

On the four corners of the painting are four cranes that face the four directions: north, south, east and west. The message is one of peace projected across the planet Earth.

The being contemplates all these things as she creates new worlds. The being meditates on all that is and the never-ending manifestation and disintegration that marks this plane of existence. She meditates on peace and World Peace.

As above, so below. As in heaven, so it is on earth. As it is on earth, so it is in heaven.

The World Peace (WorldPeace) Insignia floats above the being's head. In this reality, our prayer is for peace and WorldPeace within a dynamic society of human beings who constantly enter and exit this reality and live in a state of disharmony and sometimes, outright chaos.

John WorldPeace
January 14, 2005

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved