065 "Peace (WorldPeace) Prayer"

Peace Prayer Full Image

30" x 24" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

The central figure in the painting is female. She is the mother of all humans and represents creativity as well as all things born into this reality; love, nurturing, and spirituality. Her ‘peace prayer’ is for peace for all living things and for an increase in peace in the world human society.

The female is not touching the WorldPeace symbol but is exchanging energy with it. Around the peace emblem are hearts, representing each and every human being on the planet. She hopes that love will dominate each of these human beings and will increase the peace in the world human society.

The pad on which the female stands is red, suggesting the blood of human beings; the life force. The blood bubbles up and supports her and then mixes with the water, which represents the Age of Aquarius. The water and the blood mix and then cycle back up, depicting the never-ending cycle of life (red blood) within this earth whose nature is water.

At the bottom left are two cranes, which stand for peace. They are male and female and are mostly black and white, connoting good and evil and the duality of all things in this reality. They are for the most part good (white) but, like all things, have some darkness within. Their feet are grounded in the earth and are black, showing the confusion (evil) that is the primal nature of this reality. The tangibility of the ground (reality) taints the spiritual nature incarnate in all living things.

The lotus to the bottom right represents Heaven. Inside the lotus is the core of God incarnate on the Earth. The lotus pads are green, designating the Earth and the lotus itself is pink, symbolizing love.

The birds are flying free in the universe and portray the infinite number of souls in the intangible spiritual reality, which most people refer to as “Heaven”. They are divided into groups, which is how all humans and spirits exist in all dimensions.

The birds are black, which in heaven can represent all things. The birds are not black as it is associated with evil on the earth.

In the background are images of doves, fragmented and laying on top of each other infinitely. This symbolizes the peace of the Infinite Oneness from which all things manifest and into which all things disintegrate.

The hair of the female is gold, depicting permanence. Now is the time of the human beings on the earth. It is human beings who rule the earth as the dinosaurs once ruled and as some other unknown group may one day rule.

John WorldPeace
December 16, 2009

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