066 "Lady Gaga"

Lady Gaga Full Image

36" x 36" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A partial interpretation from the artist's transient perspective

In the past year, Lady Gaga has rocketed to the top of the pop charts as a singer and entertainer. She seems to be several steps beyond even Madonna.

This painting is my view of Lady Gaga.

1) The hearts in the background portray the love that accompanies music. They also express the love a star like Lady Gaga has for music and her fans, as well as the love they feel for her. This is the global environment in which she exists.

2) The next level in the painting consists of musical notes, which signify that her love is channeled through music.

3) Butterflies on the next level express metamorphosis. In Lady Gaga’s case, each of her life events is so different from the previous one that she exists in a constant state of change. She changes into many different costumes and characters; therefore there are many different butterflies to represent each transition. The changes that Lady Gaga fiercely embraces do not occur only on stage, but also in her rapidly changing life. This metamorphosis has recently propelled her to fame, and her image has gone viral within the world human society.

4) At the center of Lady Gaga’s being is a tigress who is very aggressive and even predatory. She is no fool. She is a very intelligent cunning hunter. She hunts for fame, which comes from the mandate of the human beings who buy her records. She knows what she wants and where she is going. She has a goal, an objective, and a plan. She has the energy and stamina to achieve her desires. She is so strong that she will not be denied. Within the love, there is a powerful white tigress driving her ambition.

A white tiger is as rare an animal as Lady Gaga is a rare cat, metaphorically speaking. She is heads above the average star, if not light years ahead. Seldom is a star able to bring all the pieces together and negotiate successfully in the very predatory environment of music, and then proceed to climb to the top of the pyramid. Lady Gaga has achieved this success.

5) Lady Gaga is holding the WorldPeace Insignia, which is the artist's signature. All of the artist's paintings are about peace and WorldPeace.

6) There is only one figure in the painting. This solitary figure exemplifies the fact that we are all alone, not only in this world, but in the universe. We each take responsibility for our own lives. We come into this world naked and we exit alone, leaving all possessions and the product of our work in this dimension behind. We have friends and family, and we socialize, but we are unique and separate from other spiritual beings.

In traditional nude paintings, the female is seen in a one-dimensional, passive environment: posing in a bedroom, sitting in a chair, taking a bath. My nudes are painted within their entire mental, physical and spiritual environment. I have not painted Lady Gaga in a chair or on a bed or even on a stage. I have painted her among the many aspects of her total spiritual being, incarnate in a human vehicle.

John WorldPeace

September 18, 2010

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