079 "Blue Moon"

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Blue Moon Full Image

Blue Moon Owl Detail

Blue Moon Arch Detail

40"x 24" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A Partial interpretation from the artist’s transient perspective.

This WorldPeace Dreamscape portrays the dreamer as a human female with blue skin. The blue in part represents the Age of Aquarius. Her lips are red signifying that she is human. Her eyes are green representing that dreamscape is about earth. It is not clear whether she is naturally blue or simply painted blue. Her head covering represents the moon which relates to her female nature.

She is pregnant with not a child but a new orientation for the earth. She has been charged with birthing these new ideas and disseminating them in the world human society.

The blue dreamer is reviewing her past. She entered this dimension as a fish representing the passing Age of Pisces. She comes from the water as all humans are conceived and grow in the amniotic fluid within their mother’s womb.

There is a stairway leading up from the cellar, the depths, to the area of transition to earth. There is a mandala on one wall and a maze on the other wall. These represent the metaphysical duality of earth and the confusion and disorientation that all humans must face in this reality. But they are at the same time maps and guides for the dreamer.

The moonscape represents the dominate energy in the dreamer’s reality in the coming earth incarnation. The owl in part represents death and therefore rebirth which is constant in this every changing universe where everything that manifests from the Infinite Oneness, in time, disintegrates back into it.

The owl is universal knowledge as well as spiritual knowledge available to the dreamer in this incarnation.

The dreamer enters the ancient marble archway; her path into her coming life. She is naked as we all are after exiting the womb. We are pink and we are bloody. The pink in the marble represents love which is the innate nature of the female creativity.

She seems to be entering a reality where all things are golden. This is not about money but about the nature of the coming age. A coming golden age where humanity transcends to some degree its innate predatory nature and places a greater emphasis on spiritual matters and emphasis on others as human first and race, gender, nationality and religion second.

The marble is grey with pink and red accents. The red represents the human race, blood, and the pink represents the love that is increasing in the coming new age and the loving nature of a mother giving birth.

John WorldPeace

March 15, 2012

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved