089 "Transcendence"

Transcendence Full Image

54"x 54" / Oil on Canvas

  by John WorldPeace


A Partial Interpretation from the Artist’s transient perspective.

This painting is titled “Transcendence”. It is about transcending death in this reality.

The figure in the center of the painting has died and she has been bathed and shaved and prepared for burial, cremation or whatever.

She has left the earth behind, bottom left, and that reality is disappearing for her. The yellow around the earth is the universe disappearing back into the Infinite Oneness. Her earthly dream is over.

She is moving toward the worm hole, tunnel, of light which leads to heaven or the non-physical reality.

The entrance to the tunnel of light is guarded by two golden vultures. There are two guardians on the heaven to earth end of this worm hole as well. The fact that they are golden indicates that they are immortals of this dimension.

The parrot was the figure’s companion in life. The parrot is still alive and is the portal through which the viewer can see the transcendence of the figure from life to the tunnel of light.

The yellow birds are cranes which represent peace.

The white birds are the high spiritual aspects of black crows and ravens. They are outlined in gold. They represent the many physical and non-physical beings that helped the figure during her dream on the earth.

The large vulture at the bottom is really a phoenix. It is part fire and part ashes which means it is  also transcending but there is no way to know if it is burning up or being reborn from its ashes. It is the chief guide and protector of the figure in this transcendence from life to the end of life and entrance into the tunnel of light.

The rainbow is a connector of all the dimensions in the painting.

The grey background is the Infinite Oneness moving at the speed of light. So fast that the everything within cannot be distinguished.

Dr John WorldPeace
June 1, 2015

Copyright 2017 by John WorldPeace All Rights Reserved